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Vinyl Palooza 4.0!

About Vinyl Palooza

Vinyl Palooza began in 2013. It was the brain child and culminated out of the hard work of Erie Experience Vinyl, two avid vinyl collectors and local businessmen, Stan Zlotkowski III and Mike Plazony, who got together at a local bar to play vinyl music records, which included old and new songs and artists, on an amazing sound system. Mike and Stan created the “Pay to Play,” which replaced the all-too-familiar Celebrity Bartender. Erie Experience Vinyl shaped the “Pay to Play” into something easy and fun - anyone could choose a song that they wanted to hear, and for a donation, Erie Experience Vinyl put it on their play list for the evening. If you donated more than the last person, your song was moved in front of the others on the list. Sounds easy enough, right? Proceeds from Vinyl Palooza benefitted initiatives at Early Connections, and directly aided the children they served within Erie County, providing a high-quality early childhood education to the most vulnerable children within the community.

Fast forward four years later, and Vinyl Palooza is still one of the most unique yearly fundraisers around. Past live auctions during the have included albums from the Beatles, Steelers tickets, and many music-inspired items. A vinyl art contest last year exceeded the creative expectations of everyone’s imagination. All of the proceeds from Vinyl Palooza directly benefit the local children that are served by Early Connections, providing them with the highest quality early care and education.

Early Connections Erie

Early Connections, formerly the YWCA, has been around for over 100 years. It is an Erie County nonprofit that supports the success of young children and their families through leadership, advocacy, and quality early care and education. A majority of the children and their families that are served live in some degree of poverty and face multiple challenges within their lives.

We invite you to consider joining Erie Experience Vinyl and Early Connections for a night of fun. For more information on Vinyl Palooza or to take look at our annual report, please visit our website.

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