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Early Connections Erie

About Early Connections Erie

Nadia came to one of our centers in need of social and school skills. She started the program afraid of other people, unable to recognize the beginning letter of her name, and without knowing how to count past five. Through daily and positive interactions with the children, teachers, and other Early Connections staff, she overcame her fears and enjoyed being at school on a daily basis. Through engaging learning activities, she learned skills such as letter recognition and counting. Last year, she entered kindergarten and is excelling!

Nadia is much like many other children who live in your neighborhood who have the potential for a vibrant, productive future – if they get a good start now.

The mission of Early Connections is to support young children and their families through leadership, advocacy, and quality programs in early care and education. Our vision is that, as an organization of diverse and multi-culturally competent people, we effectively partner with families, professionals, and the community and seek additional opportunities to care for and educate children and to partner with others in our community.

Quality early care and education is provided for children at four urban locations in the city of Erie, and two rural locations in Union City and North East. This includes preschool programming, child care, and before-and-after school care, with each location individualizing its offerings and hours to meet the needs of the families it serves. Approximately 85% of the families we serve are low-income; at two of our locations, this number is in fact 100%.

Based on our mission and vision, it is clear that our focus is on providing high-quality programs for children, but in addition, we engage their families and network with community partners to ensure that families have access to the resources they need. Additional services are provided and located at our Corporate Office. They include work that stays true to our mission, and include Success By 6, Erie Free Taxes rural community outreach, Erie’s Future Fund, and Professional Development and Technical Services for quality early childhood education centers. Please visit our website for more information.